Creating is a healing experience.  It has become my own process and form of personal exploration,                                                                                                                         understanding, awareness and acceptance of my feelings and experiences.


                                                                                                    The creative process helps one to grow and change, achieve personal potential, and live life to the fullest.  It                                                                                                      allows one to open up to self-awareness and self-interpretation with no rules and no judgement.

                                                                                                    Art helps to release pain, fear and negativity through imagery, colour, shape and form on a level deeper                                                                                                              than words.  As you learn about the process, methods and techniques of an art form, you learn about                                                                                                                    yourself.

                                                                                                   Art helps address issues and foster wellness on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.


                                                                                                   I personally guide you through the creative process for expressing issues revolving around pain,                                                                                                                             negativity, change, challenges, life purpose, illness, grief, loss, relaxation, joy and gratitude.  Acknowledge                                                                                                     the life moments that make you who you are

                                                                                                   in a safe, no-need-to-explain, non-judgemental atmosphere.


“…thank you so much for my first "art" experience since grade school! Very interesting, nonthreatening, safe,

and you are encouraging and not pedagogical! I really like your style - it is very special.

I think I would like to explore more art "therapy" in the future.


Art has an amazing ability to help people of all ages explore emotion and beliefs, reduce stress, resolve problems

and conflicts and enhance their sense of well-being.

Art can be used to communicate thoughts and feelings when words are too difficult or just won't cut it.


Art became my method of communicating and understanding my own world after the loss of my father in 2003.  More recently, I explored my identity as an artist with the completion of my Master's degree, the frustration, joy and worries of motherhood and currently continue my exploration and understandings of what life has in store for me as I continue discovering my life purpose.  In 2018, I completed training for Expressive Art Therapy facilitation and instruction.  It finally put all the pieces together and a gave me greater purpose for all my experience and creative tools.


I offer my knowledge of colour, the creative process, art techniques and materials to enable individuals to freely explore the direction, issues, illness, loss, relationships, emotions and stress of life in supportive, non-judgemental, private workshops.


No art experience necessary.  The possibilities are endless.  Empower yourself by taking an active role

in healing, recovery, replenishing or rejuvenating your soul.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!